ADG Production Training, Inc. has been servicing clients for over 30 years with audio system and lighting design support. Our New York based company prides itself on an extensive inventory of the latest, high quality professional audio equipment. Understanding that each venue and client are not the same, our professional staff will customize an audio and lighting equipment configuration which maximizes the sound experience for your specific audience.



Our training program has been designed to assist with educating the next generation of engineers in today’s latest Sound & Lighting technology. Learning from industry veterans in an hands-on environment with the opportunity to train one-on-one is what we believe sets our program apart. In our world class facilities, we help develop each student in sophisticated technical and organizational skills that are vital to today’s successful engineers.


Our program empowers you to obtain the knowledge, experience, and understanding it takes to be a professional audio engineer. Equipped with these insights, you are enabled to follow your own path toward an intense, rewarding career!


november 2018

Phil & his team recently completed an install in our newly renovated sanctuary. Not only are we happy with the outcome. He and his team provided hands-on training for our media team. We’ve never been more happy with the level of professionalism, knowledge and experience shared. Thank you ADG!

Rev. James Williams / New Brunswick, NJ



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